■WKX my News(WKXマイニュース)について

●「WKX my News」とは

WKXのデータベースには、現在ありとあらゆる技術・製品・知財の動画が300万以上※ 登録され日々平均して2,000~3,000の先端技術動画が新たに登録されています。





「IoT」「自動運転車」「人工知能」「ドローン」「青色発光ダイオード」「3Dプリンター」「環境技術」「バイオテクノロジー」「代替エネルギー」「クラウドコンピューティング」「エコ・ビジネス」など、よく使われる言葉を設定すると数千~数万の動画情報が配信される場合がありますので出来るだけ絞り込んだキーワードを設定された方が、実用的にご利用いただけます。(以下、( )内は配信される動画情報の件数です)

・ロボット(11,448件) ・介護ロボット(42件)  ・環境ロボット(2件) ・廃炉ロボット(1件)

・バイオテクノロジー(3,531件) ・遺伝子操作(240件)  ・ゲノム創薬(20件)

■「WKX my News」利用の申込み方法


「WKX my News」サービスのご利用は、まずは以下のボタンをクリック後、登録後に wkx@jef-site.or.jp まで「利用申し込み」の旨、メール送信をお願いいたします。

■What is “WKX my News”?

In WKX my news, more than 3 million※ videos of technology, products and intellectual property from all fields are registered and each video is controlled by identification tag.(※This figure is based on 31, March 2017)

WKX is composed of the posted videos and the collections from worldwide video servers. Daily averagely 2,000 to 3,000(Sometimes more than 7,000) new advanced technical videos are newly registered

Users( Engineers, researchers and managers) are requested to resister “Keyword” for the required technology, products and intellectual property among the big amount of data. The technical video meeting Keyword will be mailed to User showing static picture(thumbnail) in My page in WKX

This service can be used free charge for three Keywords for one year.

■Benefit of “WKX my News”

Users can grasp in real time the worldwide technical development trend of technology, products, intellectual property to meet fields designated by Users , thereby time and development cost required for innovation can be reduced and users can advance to competitors and improve the company achievement.

[Examples of registrable Keyword]: To be less than 20 full scale character (Other like symbol except character is not permitted.)

If you designate the widely used word like 「IoT」「Autonomous Car」「AI」「Drone」 Blue light emitting diode」「3D Printer」「Environmental technology」Biotechnology」 「Alternative energy」「Cloud computing」 「Eco-business」, there is case that more than several thousands videos are delivered. You may be advised to use the selected Word to get more videos. The followings are sample of number of video obtained.

Robot(11,418), Nursing Robot(42), Environmental Robot(2), Decommissioning of reactor(1)

Bio-technology(3,531),Gene manipulation(240),Genomic drug discovery(20)

■How to apply for “WKX my News”

At first, click the button below(Register) and fill up the necessary information. After filling, please send mail to wkx@jef-site.or.jp.